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Improve skills and adapt to trends

In order to improve the professional skills of employees, improve work efficiency, and adapt to the trend of informatization, Commerce and Trade Company organized office software application training in the company meeting room on the afternoon of November 3 and 4, 2021. The content involved Excel software foundation and chart production. , Function application, comprehensive examples, etc. Twenty colleagues from the logistics operation group, online store operation group, production group, and customer service group participated in this training.

This training was conducted by the company manager as a lecturer, using a combination of theoretical explanation and case analysis, aiming to improve the basic skills of application software. The training is mainly divided into four links: The first link is a brief description of the necessity of application software training and an introduction to Excel office software.

The second part is to introduce and analyze the Excel software operation and usage skills step by step from shallow to deep; the third part is the lecturer answering questions, and the training lecturer will answer in detail the various problems that colleagues have in the daily use of the software.

The fourth session is an interactive discussion. Colleagues discussed the daily use of office software and the use of new business systems, and put forward practical suggestions.

Through this training, the professional skills of the employees in the online store group and the logistics operation group have been improved, providing a more convenient way for business data processing, eliminating the operating blind spots in delivery scanning, and making performance statistics clearer and more transparent.

The improvement of application software skills is conducive to the smooth progress of future work and the promotion and application of new business systems, and to better adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition. Finally, I would like to thank all the leaders for their strong support and colleagues’ hard work and cooperation, which made this training a complete success.

Post time: Jun-03-2019