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What is a filter pressure reducing valve?

Filter Regulators Compressed air filter regulators use rolling diaphragms. When the pressure at the input side fluctuates, the diaphragm of the pressure reducing valve is automatically adjusted to stabilize the pressure output and ensure stable pressure. The combined filter pressure reducing valve can choose a high-precision precision pressure reducing valve according to the output pressure accuracy requirements; when in use, the compressed air passes through two-stage and three-stage filters to remove oil, water, dust and other impurities in the compressed air, which greatly improves the pressure reduction. The service life of the pressure valve diaphragm and the accuracy of pressure regulation. Due to the long service life of the filter element, the filter element and the pressure reducing element can be repaired separately during maintenance without the need to replace the whole, which greatly saves the cost. Features: 1. Outlet pressure plus balanced poppet valve provides quick response. 2. It has precise pressure regulation for optimal pressure control. 3. Integral control piston with lip seal for long service life. 4. The vent of the full flow pressure gauge. 5. Push-lock adjustment knob with protective cover. 6. Compact structure, easy maintenance working principle: Rotate the adjusting screw clockwise to adjust the spring force and press down the diaphragm, and the connected spool and disc move down. At this time, a channel is formed above the spool chassis, and the air source pressure is output through the outlet. When the outlet pressure rises to the set pressure, it will reach the bottom of the diaphragm through the outlet pressure sensing hole, balance with the spring pressure, and maintain the set pressure. When the outlet pressure is higher than the set pressure, it is transmitted to the bottom of the diaphragm through the outlet pressure sensing hole, and the hole between the diaphragm and the chassis is opened. Outlet pressure is transferred to the spring chamber through this hole and vented to atmosphere to maintain the set pressure.

Post time: Aug-25-2022