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What is a pressure reducing valve

Reducing valve (reducing valve) is to control the opening of the opening and closing parts in the valve body to adjust the flow of the medium, reduce the pressure of the medium, and at the same time adjust the opening of the opening and closing parts with the help of the pressure behind the valve to keep the pressure behind the valve. Within a certain range, cooling water is sprayed into the valve body or behind the valve to reduce the temperature of the medium. This valve is called a decompression and temperature reduction valve. The valve is characterized by keeping the outlet pressure and temperature within a certain range under the condition that the inlet pressure is constantly changing. The pressure reducing valve is an essential accessory of the pneumatic control valve. Its main function is to reduce the pressure of the air source and stabilize it to a fixed value, so that the control valve can obtain a stable air source power for adjustment and control. This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline. The gas pressure reducing valve is a special device that automatically reduces the working pressure of the pipeline. It can reduce the higher gas pressure in the pipeline before the valve to the level required by the pipeline after the valve. There are many structural types of pressure reducing valves, which can be divided into film type, spring film type, piston type, lever type and bellows type according to the structure. According to the number of valve seats, it can be single-seat and double-seat. According to the position of the valve disc, it can be divided into positive-action type and reverse-action type. According to the medium, it can be divided into nitrogen pressure reducing valve, hydrogen pressure reducing valve, oxygen pressure reducing valve, etc. The basic working principle of the pressure reducing valve is to reduce the water pressure by the local resistance of the flow channel in the valve to the water flow. The principle of constant ratio decompression is to use the water pressure ratio control of the floating piston in the valve body. The decompression ratio at the inlet and outlet is inversely proportional to the area ratio of the piston at the inlet and outlet. This kind of pressure reducing valve works smoothly and without vibration, which makes the domestic pressure reducing valve production. technology is further improved;


Post time: Aug-15-2022