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What types of air filters are there?

Air filter is a very common mechanical device used in various fields. But people generally don’t know much about their air filters, so the following details some classification structures for different types of air filters for you to grasp. A dry air filter is a filter that separates impurities in the air through a dry filter element (such as a paper filter element). The air filters commonly used in light vehicles (including automobiles and miniature vehicles) are generally unipolar. Its shape is flat or oval and flat. Filtration system paper or nonwoven. If the filter element end caps are metal or polyurethane, the housing material is metal or plastic. At rated gas volume flow, the initial air filter efficiency of the filter element is not less than 99.5%. Due to the harsh working environment, the air filter of heavy-duty vehicles must be the majority. The first stage is a cyclone pre-filter (such as leaf ring, cyclone tube, etc.) for filtering coarse particles of impurities, and the filtration efficiency is above 80%. The second-stage fine filter is a microporous paper filter element (generally called the main filter element), and the filtration efficiency is above 99.5%. There is also a safety filter behind the main filter to prevent dust from entering the engine when installing and replacing the main filter, or if the main filter is accidentally damaged. The material of the safety core is mostly non-woven, and filter paper is also used. The oil-immersed air filter separates the impurities in the air through the oil-immersed filter element. The filter element material includes metal wire fabric and foam material. The oil bath type is to introduce the inhaled dust-laden gas into the oil pool to remove most of the dust, and then further filter when the gas with oil mist flows upward through a filter element wound by a metal wire, and the oil droplets and the blocked dust together Return to the oil sump. Oil bath air filters are generally used in agricultural organizations and marine power. The above two air filters are the two air filters we often come into contact with。

Post time: Jul-09-2022